My lesson fee is $150 for a block of four lessons, payable on the first week of each 4-lesson period. Payment is due on the first week, whether or not you can make the lesson.

Make Up Lessons

If you cannot make a lesson, please call me at your earliest convenience to re-schedule a

make-up time that works for both of us. If a suitable time cannot be found within two weeks, the lesson and its fee will be forfeited. And if I will not or cannot, be available for one of your lessons (i.e. vacation, etc.) know that you are guaranteed a makeup lesson.

Here is a listing of the lesson blocks for year (2019).

2019 Schedule (in four week blocks)

· Monday, January 14 thru February 08, 2019

· Monday, February 11 thru March 08, 2019

· Monday, March 11 thru April 05, 2019

· Monday, April 08 thru May 03, 2019

· Monday, May 6 thru May 31, 2019

· Monday, June 3 thru June 28, 2019

· Monday, July 1 thru July 26, 2019

· Monday, July 29 thru August 23, 2019

· Monday, August 26 thru September 20, 2019

· Monday, September 23 thru October 18, 2019

· Monday, October 21 thru November 15, 2019

· Monday, November 18 thru December 13, 2019

· Monday, December 16 thru January 10, 2020


General Information

Please make every effort to be on time for your lesson. I realize there may be times when unexpected situations such as weather or traffic may delay your arrival. Please call if you are going to be late so we can decide whether to reschedule your lesson. If you arrive late, it may not be possible for you to have a full hour lesson if another student is scheduled after you, or I have some other commitment.

If you arrive early, please wait outside until your scheduled time to avoid disrupting a lesson in progress. This also applies to parents or guardians who are picking up or dropping off students.

Except for the initial meeting, I do not allow parents or guardians to be in the studio during lessons. Since I don’t have a waiting room, I ask that you either wait in the car or take advantage of shopping opportunities nearby.

Based on my experience I usually do not teach anyone under the age of 13, but will consider younger folks in certain cases. (For younger students I recommend contacting your local park district which often offers group lessons for children)

My home studio in Gurnee IL

My home studio in Gurnee IL